46% of Global Digital Payments Are Made in India: Anurag Thakur


GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 28th Feb. 
Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur, delivered a compelling address at FICCI’s National Conclave on Tuesday, focusing on the theme “Viksit Bharat@ 2047: Viksit Bharat & Industry.”

Expressing gratitude to taxpayers, Thakur acknowledged their pivotal role in fueling the government’s efforts towards social sector development, ensuring every penny of the collected corpus is effectively utilized.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to efficient governance, Thakur cited the remarkable success of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) as a testament to its resolve. Despite initial skepticism, UPI has become ubiquitous, with India now accounting for 46 percent of all digital payments globally, showcasing India’s technological prowess on the world stage.

Enumerating the government’s achievements in poverty alleviation, Thakur outlined significant milestones, including the provision of 40 million houses, 100 million toilets, over 100 million LPG cylinders, and more than 130 million tap water connections. Additionally, he emphasized the extensive reach of schemes like Ayushman Bharat and free food distribution, benefitting millions across the nation.

Thakur underscored the government’s focus on infrastructure development, noting substantial progress in national highway construction, airport expansion, establishment of AIIMS, and the growth of educational institutions like IITs. These efforts have propelled India into the top five economies globally, laying a strong foundation for further growth.

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his resolute leadership, Thakur emphasized India’s enhanced global stature and its proactive role in international affairs. He highlighted the government’s support for domestic industries and its commitment to agricultural reforms, aiming to propel India towards developed nation status by 2047.

In a call to action, the Minister urged industry leaders to collaborate with investors and harness India’s vast talent pool, envisioning a future where partnerships drive India’s transformation into a developed and prosperous nation, thus realizing the vision of Viksit Bharat by 2047.

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