Why Cannot Khalistan be created on the Canadian Soil


Why Cannot Khalistan be created on the Canadian Soil

By Pankaj Vohra

With a compliant government in place and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bowing before Sikh extremists, why does Canada not consider creating a separate state of Khalistan on its own soil.

The country has so much of land mass, and there are areas in British Columbia where even the signages are in Gurmukhi other than English and French.

Thus, it should not be difficult if the demands of pro-Khalistan Sikhs, who constitute less than 0.5 percent of the Sikh population in Canada is met.

This would perhaps make the leaders of the New Democratic Party on whose support, the Trudeau government is in power, happy.

It has to clearly understood that there is no scope of Khalistan being created in India and an overwhelming of Punjabis in general and Sikhs in particular in this country, do not want this to ever happen.

The Sikhs are patriotic people who by their sheer hard work, determination and grit have carved out a place for themselves, and for them it was important that no secessionist movement in India ever succeeds.

In the 1980s, Punjab had witnessed a lot of turmoil and thankfully those days are behind us. Of Course, Pakistan and militants supported by it in various parts of the world including Canada, are unhappy, and wish to carry forward their unachievable agenda.

For sheer political reasons, they have found support from Trudeau, whose future is shaky and has been making unsubstantiated allegations against India by involving many other countries such as United States, United Kingdom., Australia and New Zealand.

Trudeau by making accusations against India for being involved in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a terrorist who was gunned down in Surrey in British Columbia on June 18th, has acted like a very immature politician.

He should have realized that these allegations could have repercussions that would impact the Indo-Canadian relations.

Ordinarily speaking, he should have allowed New Delhi to respond to his concerns even after the accusations were officially denied. It appears, he wanted to precipitate a crisis and thus acted in the most irresponsible manner.

Canada has a large population of Indian origin that has done exceedingly well in that country. Most of the Indian diaspora has strong roots and visit the country of their birth occasionally in connection with social obligations and other purposes.

Unfortunately, Canada is unable to see the contribution of these migrants and is swayed by a handful of extremists who have managed to have some sort of political clout.

For records sake, there are more number of Sikh MPs in Canada than they are in India, The misfortune is that many of these MPs are mixed up with extremists.

Nijjar for instance whose killing has caused this big row was someone who propagated violence and gave arms training to youngsters after motivating them to use violent means to press for the unacceptable and unreasonable demand for a separate Sikh State.

Under the guise of a plumber, he was involved in various kind of nefarious activities, and his killing was probably related to that. The question is that why would the Indian State through its agents get rid of Nijjar on the Canadian soil.

The information gathered by Intelligences agencies of that country through the Five Eyes alliance, also needs to be corroborated by solid evidence. Many times, intelligence information can be without any basis and is put on record without any kind of backing.

Thus, the onus of furnishing the proof of Indian involvement lies solely with Canada and its Prime Minister, who has levelled the charges.
What is astonishing is that Trudeau is more concerned about safeguarding the interests of his maverick supporters from the New Democratic Party and elsewhere, than ironing out the differences with India.

Both the countries have enjoyed a cordial relationship, and that should be the objective.

Even New Delhi must use a lot off restraint in reacting to these wild accusations since it shall have repercussions back in India, particularly in Punjab. There is hardly a family of the Indian border state that does not have a member settled or studying in Canada. The interests of these families, none of whom want Khalistan, have to be also protected at all cost.

The Western countries must not have double standards. Why do these Nations expect the rest of the world to back them if they strike within the sovereign boundaries of some other country.

Osama Bin Laden was for instance killed by the US Navy seals in Abbottabad in Pakistan without that country being officially informed. True Osama Bin Laden was the world’s most wanted terrorist and should have been taken out, long time ago, but the operation to eliminate him was carried out by foreign troops.

There are multiple other instances of such killings and from all accounts available in India, Nijjar’s gunning down was not the handiwork of the Indian State.

The Khalistan demand is very old and why it has not found any kind of support is because an overwhelming majority of Sikhs do not want it. However, if the small percentage of Sikhs, who wield undue influence on Trudeau desire so, he should surely think of granting it in his own country.

British Columbia could be a candidate for consideration with certain union territories being created in Mississauga and Brampton on the Eastern part of that country.

The white population in four out of the five “Five Eyes’’ countries also came from Europe and settled down in various parts of the American and Australian continents.

The militant Sikhs who consider Canada as their “karam bhoomi’’ can also be accorded a sovereign land mass within the boundaries of Canada where they could fulfill their political aspirations and leave others including India alone.

The point is that the entire posturing by Trudeau is uncalled for and is isolating him from many in his own country even if it is making some extremists happy.

Canada is a great Nation and should live in peace and allow others to live in peace also. Violence or propagation of violence, cannot be condoned under any circumstances, and Trudeau and his party should know that.

Courtesy: thedailyguardian.com

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