WHO warns Sudanese refugee health crisis escalates in Chad  

Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau

UNITED NATIONS, 26th Sept. World Health Agency on Monday has called for urgent funding to support growing health crisis in eastern Chad, where over 400,000 people have fled the brutal military civil war in Sudan.

Senior Advisor to WHO’s regional office for Africa, Dr Ramesh Krishnamurthy, stressed the need to “ramp up” interventions in the areas of primary healthcare, mental health, maternal and child health, as well as nutrition.

WHO said on Sunday that in a recent screening in Chad, nearly 13,000 children under five were found to be acutely malnourished.

Dr. Ramesh said that hospital admissions of children with malnutrition have increased by over half across the province of Ouaddaï, which is hosting more than 80 per cent of refugees from neighboring Sudan.

WHO has been delivering critical aid to the town of Adré from the Sudanese border, working with partners to support the incoming refugees with health services, vaccination and medicines.

The agency has delivered 80 metric tonnes of supplies to Adré, handing over beds and mattresses to support medical and surgical care.

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