VHP Strongly Condemns Gruesome Attacks by Kuki Militants on Meitei Samaj

Peace must prevail and destroyed temples be rebuilt in Manipur: Milind Parande


GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 15th May. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Monday strongly condemned the gruesome attacks by Kuki militants on Meitei Samaj and their places of worship in Manipur.

Releasing a district wise short list of selected grand temples of Meitei samaj in Manipur hills, either burnt or destroyed, during the clashes, the national secretary general of VHP Milind Parande on Monday said that we are already serving the affected people, now the Hindu society needs to come forward to rebuild these temples.

He appealed for peace in the area and warned against spreading false narrative that only the Churches had been attacked.

 Released list of 11 big temples destroyed, comprising 4 temples of Tengaupal and Morech, 3 of Tipaimukh Churchanpur and 4 of Chingoi Ching Imphal East, is not the exhaustive one.

Milind Parande also said that during the unfortunate clashes between the two communities, many State properties have been destroyed. Now the Hindu society needs to come forward to rebuild the damaged/destroyed temples.

VHP appealed that Peace and restraint must be exercised and the anti-national and anti-social elements must be controlled.

Elements and organisations trying to disrupt peace in the region must be taken to task strictly.

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