VHP Spokesperson Shriraj Nair Answers Challenging Questions on Backing Karyakartas, Backs BJP As the Only Hindu Party


VHP Spokesperson Shriraj Nair Answers Challenging Questions on Backing Karyakartas, Backs BJP As the Only Hindu Party

In his interview with HinduPostVHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) spokesperson Shriraj Nairji answered several questions repeatedly asked of the organization.

One of the most common accusations is that since BJP’s (Bharatiya Janata Party) ascent to power, Sangh Parivar organizations Bajrang Dal (BD) and VHP known for their fiery stance and street power have become soft. Shriraj ji emphasized that BJP is the only political party that concerns itself with Hindutva to date.

“So-called secular parties like the Congress and others have only treated Hindus with disdain and even jailed Sadhu-sants treating them like criminals. These parties tried to raise the bogey of Hindu terror and ordered firing on Sadhus. When such anti-Hindu parties were in power and committing heinous offences against Hindus we had to stand up to them. On the other hand, BJP’s Hindutva objectives are mentioned in their manifesto and we have seen them take several steps in the interest of Hindus and the country due to which there is very little reason for conflicts”, he said.

Shriraj ji further stated that in case of disagreements, a BJP government is open for discussions which is also one of the reasons for lesser conflicts. He said that they do undertake protests if needed while pointing out that, unlike some ‘Hindutva’ parties/leaders that have turned secular hinting at Uddhav Thackeray, the BJP lends an ear to Hindu concerns.

Answering the question of why Hindus want to conduct Shobha Yatras in Muslim-dominated areas despite the fact that Bharat is a secular country, the VHP spokesperson stated that the world over Bharat is the only nation that was divided on religious lines in 1947. “Unfortunately Akhand Bharat’s Muslims, whose forefathers were Hindus converted either out of fear or allurement, carved out Pakistan for themselves. Bharat that remained after partition was totally a Hindu land”, Shriraj ji said.

He pointed out the irony of referring to ‘sensitive’ and ‘Muslim-dominated’ areas in ‘Hindu majority’ Bharat. “Don’t Hindus have a right to peacefully carry out Shobha Yatras across Bharat where Hindus constitute 85 per cent of the population”, he questions. Speaking specifically of Mewat’s Shobha Yatra, he said that VHP had acquired all the necessary permissions. Furthermore, the Yatra was going on peacefully when the participants were attacked.

He questioned the logic of having such ‘restricted’ areas within Bharat after the population of a particular minority reaches a certain percentage. “This is illogical and Shobha Yatras can be held anywhere in Bharat”, Shriraj Nair ji emphasized.

When questioned about VHP insisting on conducting the Shobha Yatra despite the Haryana government denying permission for the Yatra on the last Shravan Somwar, Shriraj ji said that pilgrimages have been taking place in Akhand Bharat for centuries even before the Abrahamic religions were born. He highlighted that despite Pakistan becoming an Islamic nation around four lakh devotees undertake the Hinglaj Mata pilgrimage yatra annually. He insisted that pilgrimages do not require special government permission.

VHP works for all Hindus across the globe irrespective of their sect, sampraday, language, and geographical location among others. He pointed out that the aim of VHP was to unite Hindus under one umbrella overcoming the micro differences. The VHP spokesperson also hoped awakened Hindus would do their bit to educate fellow Hindus.

Shriraj Nair ji was also questioned about VHP disowning karyakartas like Monu Manesar and Bittu Bajrangi after the Haryana government took action against them. He clarified that they never disowned their karyakarta Monu Manesar and only corrected media reports saying Bittu Bajrangi is a BD karyakarta which he is not. We are backing our karyakarta and every Hindu but have only clarified regarding Bajrangi’s membership.

There are also accusations that VHP and BD provoke youths and when the latter get into controversies the organizations disown them. Shriraj ji added that they would back every Hindu provided they keep their language civil and align with the organization’s vision.

Speaking about VHP’s sixty-year journey and the organization’s vision for the future, Shriraj Nair ji said, “VHP will complete 60 years in 2024. The organization came into existence in 1964 in Mumbai in Pujya Swami Chinmayanand’s ashram. Over the years, VHP has undertaken numerous agitations and many of our karyakartas have laid down their lives for Hindu causes. Ram Janmabhoomi Andolan is one such agitation that is coming to fruition now with the mandir set to be inaugurated in another six months”.

Among the numerous other movements undertaken by VHP are those of Ram Setu and Baba Amarnath Yatra. He stated that several events are set to take place next year to celebrate VHP’s sixtieth year both within and outside Bharat. Shriraj ji said that the events would be kicked off in Mumbai on 3 September 2023 and continue till Janmashtami 2024.

When questioned about Hindu organizations fighting among themselves, Shriraj ji highlighted that numerous neo-Hindu organizations have sprung up some of which are only trying to milk the favourable Hindu environment for their personal gains. “A group of hyper Hindus have come into existence whose only goal is to bring themselves into the limelight. They want to come on TV channels or want reporters to write about them. Hence, they have chosen Hindutva as an easy route to attain fame”, he said.

“These hyper Hindus raise questions on the Sangh which has been working for the Hindu cause for close to a century or the VHP which has been in the field for sixty years only to bring themselves to the fore. This can be termed as a self-promotion game plan. We don’t want to give importance to such people. The Sangh and VHP have been working for the Hindu cause and the work will continue in future as well”, Shriraj ji concluded.

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