Uttarakhand COVID health bulletin: 78802 active cases with 188 deaths recorded in the state

GG News Bureau
Dehradun, 16th May. The health billeting released on Sunday recorded 78802 active cases while 188 deaths were registered on Sunday in Uttarakhand. The positive cases stood at 4496 while 5034 recovered from the Covid 19 virus here.

The sample positivity was at 6.74 % and the recovery percentage was 69.11 per cent. The Total cumulative Positive COVID-19 detected was 287286. Total Number (%) of COVID-19 Patients Treated/ Cured was 198530(69.11%). The total number (%) of COVID-19 patients who migrated out of state was 5143(1.79%).

The total Number (%) of COVID-19 Deaths was 4811 (1.67%) Number of samples found negative for COVID-19 today was 29797. The total number of samples sent for COVID-19 testing today was 21224. The total number of cumulative samples found negative was 3974947. The total number of samples result awaited was 14471

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