Trade imbalance with Uganda will be sorted: Modi


Kampala, Uganda: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday said that India is ready to walk an extra mile to balance trade with Uganda as win-win situation already exist.

Addressing the media and other delegates at India-Uganda Business Forum in Kampala, Prime Minister Modi said, “President of Uganda is right in saying that there is a trade imbalance between India and Uganda. I have come here and I am ready to take 10 steps more to resolve the imbalance.”

He said that the two countries are in a “perfect win-win situation” but not able to take maximum advantage of it. “If a proper strategy is in place then we can move far ahead”.

He stressed that India is a fast growing economy and the international community is watching it.
Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi said, “After all the growth and progress happens, we have to look at human resource development and value addition to natural resources”.

The Prime Minister also thanked President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni for affection towards the Indians in Uganda.

“I have received so much love from Uganda and affection from President Museveni for the Indians in Uganda,” he said.

Calling Uganda, a wonderful land, Prime Minister Modi said, “Uganda has such wonderful land. There is a very large market across the globe for organic agro products. Uganda is blessed with such good soils that have not been contaminated with chemicals.”

He also boosted the morale of the youth of Uganda to focus on innovations and move forward along with the young generation of India.

“The young generation in India is working on startups, using technology and innovations. India is focusing on innovations and we want to move forward with the youth of Uganda. This will be beneficial to Uganda,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Concluding his speech, the Prime Minister assured Uganda that India will always stand by it.
Before Prime Minister Modi’s speech at the forum, President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni said, “According to the figures, I have been supporting India more than they have been supporting me.”

Prime Minister Modi is currently on a five-day tour to Africa.

In the last leg of his three-nation Africa tour, the Prime Minister will visit South Africa to attend the 10th edition of the BRICS Summit which is scheduled to take place Johannesburg on July 25-27.

(With inputs from ANI)

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