Those Against Lord Ram Came 2nd, Arrogant Stopped At 241: Indresh Kumar Slams Political Hubris

GG News Bureau
Jaipur, 14th June. 
At a recent event in Kanota near Jaipur, senior RSS ideologue Indresh Kumar delivered sharp criticism aimed at the ruling party and its opponents, emphasizing the consequences of arrogance and opposition to Lord Ram in the recent elections.

Speaking at the ‘Ramrath Ayodhya Yatra Darshan Poojan Samaroh’ on Thursday, Kumar highlighted that despite the ruling party’s devotion to Lord Ram, their journey to victory was hindered by arrogance, resulting in them falling short of a majority at 241 seats.

Referring to the opposition bloc, he noted that those who opposed Lord Ram were restricted to 234 seats, securing the second position overall.

Kumar drew a parallel between the democratic ‘Vidhan’ (norms) of Ram Rajya and the contemporary political scenario, stressing that while the party devoted to Lord Ram became the largest, their mandate and power were curtailed due to their arrogance.

He further emphasized that none of the parties opposed to Lord Ram were granted power, collectively settling at the second position.

This commentary by Kumar follows recent remarks by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, who urged humility among leaders and emphasized Lord Ram’s impartiality and commitment to justice.

Bhagwat had earlier stated, “Those who pray to Ram should be humble… Lord Ram does not discriminate and does not punish. Ram delivers justice to everyone.”

The statements by RSS leaders come amid ongoing political debates and discussions surrounding the role of religious sentiments and governance in Indian politics.

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