“Think Collectively, Achieve Valiantly” is Theme of World Hindu Congress 2018 at Chicago, USA


Dr Sonam Dixit, New Delhi: In the globalised and strongly interconnected world the Hindu society should assess the available opportunities and the challenges facing the society and the humanity/world at large. The World Hindu Congress (WHC) is formed with an intention to awaken and unite the Hindu society and eventually bringing the Hindu renaissance. The guiding principle of WHC is “Yato Dharamas tato Jaya” meaning “Where there is Dharama (Righteousness), there is Victory”.

Inaugural WHC was held in November 21st to 23rd 2014 at New Delhi, India. The 2nd WHC will be held in September from 7th to 9th 2018 at Chicago, USA.

WHC provides a global platform for Hindus to network, share ideas, inspire and nurture each other thereby imparting a change in the Hindu society and in turn the world and humanity. By in-depth analysis and discussion of various societal aspects, the WHC provides future directions for the betterment and prosperity of the Hindu society and of the human race. This fits into the motto of Hindu philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” meaning “the World is one Family”.

Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu lawmaker in the US Congress, is the chairperson of the World Hindu Congress 2018. It held once every four years, World Hindu Congress (WHC) is a global platform for Hindus to connect, share ideas, inspire one another and impact the common good. According to her, Hindus from across the world “would be able to come together, share ideas and inspire one another as we seek ways to positively impact the communities around us” and the world.

This years’ guiding motto “Sumantrite Suvikrante” meaning “Think collectively, achieve Valiantly” is very fitting to the current world scenario. It is an apt occasion to hold this conference which coincides with the eve of 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda speech in Chicago at the Parliament of World Religion. It is a pertinent reminder to the Hind society of the clarion call given by Swamiji that Hindus always stood what is glorious and spiritual. To achieve the status of Jagatguru (World Teacher), Bharata- the land of knowledge and in particular the Hindu society should gather all the scattered forces and concentrate them at one focus to see the impact of Hindu culture and philosophy for the betterment of the world and mankind.

Different organisations representing different spheres of society are brought under the tutelage of WHC and are of crucial importance for the overall upliftment and betterment of the Hindu society.

The WHC 2018 will hold 7 conferences in parallel that are of strategic importance to the Hindu society. These sessions will commence the magnificent boulevards to establish concordat among the leadership of the seven conferences.

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) brings all the economists and business analysts to surplus the wealth creation. In order to save emerging economies in many countries, this collaboration anticipates the great opportunities, to resolve this current crisis, WHEF is the pioneer in the creating surplus wealth and sharing this to endow the global situation for collective growth. Hindus should cooperate collectively and globally so that market access is accelerated amongst them.

The Hindu Education Conference is organized by the Hindu Education Board (HEB).The Objective of the Hindu Education Board is to encourage the educational leadership and to actuates  the advance improvements in diverse areas of knowledge, thereby offering educational leadership to the world. It also aims at the perpetual growth in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology, social sciences, liberal and performing arts, law, business and management, ethics, religion, philosophy, and spiritual sciences.

The Hindu Media Conference is organised by the Hindu Media Forum (HMF). It brings together journalists, bloggers, media house executives, public commentators, and observers to share ideas and experiences to discuss challenges and opportunities in emerging forms of media and evolving strategies to keep the world better informed through accurate, authentic and unerring reportage and analysis of events happening in the Hindu world.

The Hindu Organisations Conference is organized by the Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations Forum (HOTA).The essence of this is to acknowledge the superfluous division of labour, pooling and more efficient use of resources. If Hindu groups could learn to work together or at the very least work in a more coordinated manner this would rejuvenates them in attempting to make Hindu society stronger.

The Hindu Political Conference is organized by the World Hindu Democratic Forum (WHDF). To maintain the glorious Past of and its traditions and democratic institutions. It’s among the, “World Largest Democracy.”

The World Hindu Democratic Forum has been established for the purpose of providing a global platform for Hindus presently involved in the political process, that focus on the deliberate discussion on political issues of importance to the global Hindu society. It also encourages Hindu youths for their active participations and to expertise them in the practice of responsible Democracy.

The Hindu Women Conference is organized by the Hindu Women Forum (HWF). In today’s World when we talk about ‘Women Empowerment. ‘This grand Platform plays an extensive role in the well-being of Hindus and Humanity and the World. The Hindu Women Forum encourages their role in Hindu Dharma and plays a vital role in overall progress, resolving issues, and step forward in the development of Inherited Divinity in the Women around the Globe. This Manifesto advocates the women as the future leaders.

The Hindu Youth Conference is organized by the Hindu Students & the Youth Network (HSYN). The mission of this is to enthusiastically involve Hindu Youth into playing a fundamental role in the Hindu Resurgence and Renaissance. This Hindu Youth Network provides them ample opportunity to fight against tyranny, injustice, suppression and exploitation, and assert that they will face the challenges and involve themselves in the major movements in the transformation of the next generation of Hindus. This conference also provides a platform to inspire Hindu youth to dedicate their hard work for the common good, It gives them flair to connect with mentors in various fields; and find opportunities to cooperate across youth communities, politics, human rights, media, and entrepreneurship.

Thus, WHC will address all the major aspects impacting the societal sectors like economy, education, media, youth and women, politics and Hindu institutional organisations. The event will bring delegates from all spheres of society such as industrialists, academicians, public representatives, women and youth, entrepreneurs, strategist, public speakers and policy makers, media representatives and Hindu organisational temples and associated forums. Thus, World Hindu Congress will provide an impetus for the Hindu society to evaluate and analyse the challenges and opportunities and provide a tangible roadmap for the betterment of the Hindu society and the world.

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