TDP members disrupted RS proceedings for Andhra


Kumar Rakesh, New Delhi: TDP which was in the forefront of disrupting Rajya Sabha for most of the last session does not seem likely to be able to do so this session as other opposition parties have expressed keen desire for the House to function during monsoon session that began on Wednesday.

TDP members Y.S.Chowdary and C.M. Ramesh insisted on taking up their notice for discussion on implementation of AP Reorganisation Act suspending Question Hour.

TDP leader Y.S.Chowdary spiritedly and emotionally spoke about what he called the injustice to Andhra Pradesh on account of centre’s neglect in the implementation of the AP Reorganisation Act. He stressed that his party was left with no option but to protest in both the Houses of Parliament to force the government to give some assurances and commitments.

Regarding Y.S. Chowdary’s demand for certain commitments by the Government, the fellow opposition leaders said it would not be possible for any legislature whether in Parliament or in States to force the Government to commit to anything and the best option would be for the opposition to expose and corner the Government on their failures to deliver on promises made.

Y.S. Chowdary conveyed his resentment but his party is clearly under pressure from other opposition parties to stop disrupting the proceedings of Rajya Sabha.

Opposition leaders said that it is the Government which would benefit if the House did not allow to function and that is what happened during the last Session as TDP and Tamil parties disrupted the House for full Session. They suggested that better way would be to force proper discussion on TDP’s concerns and during the debate most of the opposition parties would support TDP which could probably expose the Central Government if they had no convincing response to give.

The opposition leaders also voiced concern over losing out on their share of opportunities to raise their own concerns which is not fair.


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