Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has targeted former CM Kamal Nath for corruption in a meeting held in Sumavali assembly constituency of Morena. CM said that Kamal Nath ji calls himself Mr. Clean but in Delhi, who is called Mr. 15 percent Kamal Nath ji, this world knows. Kamal Nath has devastated the entire state.

It is worth mentioning that in the meeting held in Baghchini of Sumavali two days ago, former CM Kamal Nath said that in his political life, no one had raised a finger in the matter of corruption. Not only this, he also attacked CM Shivraj fiercely and said that like CM, he has not been involved in dumper scandal, Vyapam Ghotala and e-tender scam. Responding to this, on Friday, CM Shivraj Singh said that Kamal Nath has done a great job of decentralizing corruption to political workers. Spending money daily, distributing something and carrying most of it yourself. Kamal Nath grazed the entire Madhya Pradesh, making the state a den of brokers.

Shivraj Singh said that Kamal Nath had come here the day before, not before. In the meeting, the Chief Minister called herself naked and starved more than 20 times and attacked the Congress with her harsh sentences. After this, the CM called the former Chief Minister Kamal Nath as an outsider and said that no one knows where Kamal Nath’s slogan is buried. He said – Kamal Nath, you are an industrialist. O industrialist, you took away the money of the maternity ladoo, the money of the Kanyadaan scheme, even 5000 of the shroud of the poor. We are bare, hungry, but belong to this soil. Chambal is building progress-way, bridges, roads and giving loans at zero percent.

After the meeting, CM Shivraj Singh held informal discussions with journalists. On the question of the gradual disappearance of Rajya Sabha member Jyotiraditya Scindia from the election campaign, he said that he is fully involved in the election. From tomorrow he will start seeing you in the field.

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