Sharp Debate Erupts Over PM Modi’s Russia Visit

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 10th July.
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia has sparked intense debate. On the same day that the Indian Prime Minister arrived in Moscow, Russia’s military launched a devastating attack on a children’s hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine, killing 33 people. Following this assault, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy sharply criticized Prime Minister Modi’s Moscow visit, labeling it highly disappointing and a setback to peace efforts. Zelenskyy didn’t stop there, targeting PM Modi directly by stating that on the day of the attack, the leader of the world’s largest democracy embraced the most bloodthirsty criminal in Moscow.

Meanwhile, renowned American think tank RAND Corporation analyst Derek J. Grassman drew parallels between PM Modi’s Moscow visit and Pakistani former PM Imran Khan’s controversial trip. He tweeted in dismay, “On the day Moscow initiated attacks in Ukraine, India’s PM was busy hugging Putin. This is a national disgrace for India, akin to what Imran Khan did during Ukraine’s attack.”

Grassman’s comments sparked a heated response, contrasting with another American expert, Michael Kugelman, Director for South Asia at the Wilson Center. Kugelman tweeted, praising Modi’s long-standing policy reaffirmed in Moscow. He remarked, “Today in Moscow, Modi reiterated New Delhi’s enduring stance which stresses the need to end the war in Ukraine. What Modi said isn’t as significant as the fact that he said it in Russia.”

The meeting between PM Modi and Putin also garnered support for India’s foreign policy goals, including potential membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, a position India has long been denied, largely due to China’s opposition. Amidst these developments, the US Defense Department affirmed ongoing strategic partnerships with India, despite concerns raised by President Biden’s administration regarding PM Modi’s historic Russia trip.

Pentagon’s Press Secretary Major General Pat Ryder underscored, “From the US perspective, India remains a strategic partner with whom we continue to engage in full and clear discussions on its relationship with Russia. With the NATO summit this week, global attention is undoubtedly focused on this issue.”

In response to queries regarding PM Modi’s Russia visit, Ryder added, “However, I don’t believe that if President Putin presents this trip in a way that suggests he is not isolated from the rest of the world, anyone would be surprised. The truth is that Russia has become isolated from the rest of the world by choosing President Putin’s war option, and it has paid a high price for it.”

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