Sharad Pawar Sets Sights on Maharashtra Control Ahead of Assembly Polls

GG News Bureau
Baramati, 13th June. 
Sharad Pawar, chief of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), has articulated his ambition to “take control of Maharashtra” in the upcoming state assembly elections later this year. Following a successful showing in the recent Lok Sabha elections, where the NCP secured eight out of ten contested seats in Maharashtra, including a victory for his daughter Supriya Sule in Baramati, Pawar is gearing up for the next electoral battle.

Speaking to constituents in Shirsuphal village, Baramati, Pawar emphasized the importance of unity and voter turnout. “In the next three to four months, state elections are taking place. Come what may, it will be my endeavour to take control of Maharashtra. To achieve this, we must win the assembly polls,” Pawar asserted.

Reflecting on his political career spanning four terms as Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, a decade as Union Agriculture Minister, and two years as Defence Minister, Pawar underscored the power of collective effort in achieving political objectives. He pledged to address the issues raised by the people once a new government is in place after the elections.

Pawar also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his campaign rhetoric during the polls, stating, “During the polls campaign, the prime minister spoke on the topics that should have been avoided.”

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