Schools in Andhra Pradesh Required to Provide 3 Water Breaks for Students


GG News Bureau
Amaravati, 3rd April. 
The Andhra Pradesh Department of School Education has mandated that all schools in the state must give students three water breaks due to the increasing temperatures.

Known as the water-bell initiative, these breaks will occur at 9:45 am, 10:05 am, and 11:50 am, as stated by Praveen Prakash, the principal secretary of school education, in a press release.

The Department of School Education aims to encourage student hydration and well-being through the water-bell initiative.

On Tuesday, the Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (APSDMA) reported that 68 mandals in the state experienced a heatwave, with nine mandals facing severe heatwave conditions.

However, the forecast predicts a heatwave for only two mandals on Wednesday.

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