Riding Adversity Quotient to be in Ecological Prosperity

Rajesh Guíugíam

“Incubator, the house of innovation, in converting today’s misfortune carbonization to human assets as well unbalancing billions to create millions”

The evolution phase of nature has crossed the linearity phase is to right on abrupt or abnormality of amplitude either on negative or positive signs. Mathematical model from measure of central tendency governing to basic is always on transcending phenomenon of measure of dispersion. Thus, linearity & continual words to cease from now era to bring ahead journey of much unevenness exposing all human and nature to adversity. This adversity can be arrived from skewness pattern against dominant regime of mean, mode, median and after having mastery on this, one can coined and re-coined this coefficient as Adversity Quotient.

The analysed deviation from baseline or variance between two series of objective always yield solution of convergence to logical rationale rather there in pockets dispersion. Aligning the dispersion of two series again lead to consolidation of desirable outcome. In today’s environment, it is prevalent and prudent that incubators are only riding on adversity solution as small houses are really the house of innovations with their mission as converting the surging problems in to human’s assets. The horizontal path of manoeuvring necessitates identification & consolidation on adversities with its either elimination or converting those misadventure in to prosperity enabler with driving ecological balance in economic growth.

The exercising polarization of carbonization and decarbonization is the only theme left out to pick adversity of carbonization to be in decarbonization to unfold offing journey towards the way forward to current human context. In this line of thinking, graph of this article depicts the intensive usage of linearity model of extensive usage of carbon emission resources. Deep contemplation has already commenced journey on balancing each step ahead after arriving the dispersion from more intended usage of carbon emissions on account of human comfort to imbibe & embrace on exhaustive decarbonized economy to coexist with ecology.

Cycle of convection is key attribute to sustainable development goal and that works in continuously assessing, accumulation of disparities to work with reworking to translate them in rewarding outcome towards green pathway in reaching the objective of Net Zero Emission. The world traversed journey for more than a century on the parent of carbon intensive of fossil consumption with landed to current trend of adversity to us. This level shoots up from 2Gt in 1900 calendar year to present time around 50 Gt which already hit refreshing buttons on each inch forward direction with the most resonant word decarbonization. Numerous innovations are onset in incubator on new technologies.

These are either in demonstrator phase, and prototype or under various research and development to live each facet of life on decarbonized economy. The below polarization curve on carbonization vs decarbonization reveals austerity and new technologies for human & ecosystem existence. Human stands at inflexion on today’s scenario in continuing greed which has become need matrix of comfort that’s only possible on usage of riding through new technologies. This necessitates for instantaneous evolution of emerging technologies from its pilot demonstrations. Technologies comprise:

  • Energy storage of renewable source through battery, underground thermal with global market value $500Bn by 2025
  • Offshore solar & wind for higher capacity utilization factor as India’s power generation assets land requirement may be 4% by 2050 to reach around 6% by 2100
  • Hydrogen fuels through many applications as electrolyser, methane pyrolysis with less electrical energy input than previous mode. Adoption of green H2 will result in 3.6 Gt cumulative CO2 e reductions between 2020 to 2050 and to meet substantial demand of refinery, ammonia, methanol, steel, HDV & power.
  • Global Carbon Capture & Storage Institute estimates around 47 Gt storage potential whereas India requires a national study of deep saline formations and of a depleted oil and gas field to identify effective storage potential.
  • Carbon nanofibers to varied utilization that being building blocks for coming generations as against steel being stronger with extreme tensile strength, battery efficiency for excellent conductivity and many more under visualizations and experimentations.
  • Integration of learned applications in various domain to get rid of future crisis as water severity through subsea & membrane desalination and others etc
  • Breakthrough technology to move fulcrum in multimodal logistics / others to autonomous, AIV & maintenance free
  • Digitalization architecture of every facet on serving focus on each individual to bring global ecosystem in meeting varied expectations

Above graph shows consistent focus of India on climbing the unclimbed journeys of growth and sustainability simultaneously that no country has attained till date. It attracts investment of 3% of GDP per year to be in Zero Carbon Emission scenario. Although, there is well depth & breadth strategy on green pathway which still may lead to residual emissions of 1.30 Gt on primarily from industry where 0.90 Gt to get mitigate from forest sequestration and 0.40 Gt leaving enough room to exercise CCU & CCS.

Below graph depicts that till date prosperity is primarily driven by CO2 emissions in carbonized economy regime. There is no skewness in measure of dispersion for the normal deviation of GDP and carbon emissions. With now ecology on thrive of survival brings the inflexion point of dramatically opposite regime. The plot of normal deviation between GDP and decarbonization from present time context embarks on acceleration of economic growth before this attains its peak or much talked net carbon neutral. Thus, adversity quotient possesses great assets for mankind which can be only explored once we identify and ride on unevenness to be its habitant.

On the advent of human and nature exposes to adversity in each instance on traversing of past time zone strive to embrace core basics of Education which can be read as eager driving unending competency accomplishing task inside out to sink in nature. This complementary of unending competency allows to ride on adversity through dispersion analysis to coexist and sink in nature to again regain the phase of accumulation & aggregation to exercise traditional of measures of central tendency. The inverted funnel of divergence to be termed as adversity to convergence always only lead to the green path of ecosystem.

The previous graph shows that in order to climb on adversity, the transition to final energy share by 2050 accounts the raise in electricity’s share from 18% to 45%, as well raise share of hydrogen from negligible levels today to around 13%, increase in use of bio-mass & liquid biofuels and promoting forest sequestration. The continual scaling of innovation index shall definitely be the fulcrum towards disciplined consolidation on decarbonization leading to reach the unreached prosperity of community and environment. Thus, incubator, the house of innovation, acts in converting today’s misfortune carbonization to human assets as well unbalancing billions to create millions.

Sustainable development goal (SDG) 5 represents adversity quotient named as Gender Inequality. Although, it is inequality of gender but commonly depicts variances in different modes & well contemplated analytical strategy may lead to arrive quantum of abnormalities. This assessed “why” can be well threaded on “how”, direction of knowledge through decent work & economic growth to attain “what” which of course is climate action since now all human learning’s end at respecting SDG

Thus, measuring all inconsistencies through SDG5 to attain consistent SDG8 symbolises decent work to bring economic furtherance & growth enabling all to be always habitant of SDG 13 indexing ecological prosperity.

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