Putin called his meet with Trump ‘fruitful’


With a historic meet between two world leader where the emphasizes was to gain a mutual cooperation between two global giants. The meet in Finland was productive as according to the tass news report, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called his summit talks with US President Donald Trump the first move towards “clearing the backlog” of problems in relations between the two countries.

“Of course, numerous problems persist, and we have failed to clear the backlog in full, it was impossible to do this, but I believe we have made the first important step in that direction,” Putin told a news conference after the summit talks in Helsinki.

US President Donald Trump meeting his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Helsinki

The talks with Trump were useful and successful, according to Putin.

“The talks with President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump were held in a frank, business-like atmosphere,” he said. “I view them as successful and useful.”

According to Putin, the two presidents “focused on the current state of and potential for Russian-US relations along with relevant international issues.”

“It is evident that bilateral relations are going through tough times, but those difficulties and the current tense atmosphere have no objective reasons,” Putin confirmed.
“The Cold War ended long ago, the era of acute ideological confrontation between the two countries is a thing of the past, and the situation has drastically changed in the world,” he explained.


The two nation are in very low dialogue as Washington believe that Kremlin interfered in the presidential election in 2016. Recently investigation agency have booked 12 Russian of election meddling.

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