Press Release: Validation and Closing Ceremony


Indo-Kazakhstan Joint Military Exercise Kazind – 2019

The fourth edition of joint Indo-Kazakhstan military exercise KAZIND-2019 concluded today at Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. The exercise included joint training in mountainous as well as jungle terrain. Important lectures, demonstrations and drills related to counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations were rehearsed and executed jointly.

As part of validation exercise held on 15 October 2019, troops of both the armies carried out specialised joint counter terrorist operations including cordon and search operations which was witnessed by dignitaries of both the armies. The validation exercise was reviewed by Maj Gen Kabindra Singh, General Officer Commanding Uttar Bharat Area of the Indian Army in presence of senior Army officers of both the participating countries.  The Kazakhstan side was represented by Maj Gen Daulat Ospanav, Chief of Staff of armed forces of Kazakhstan.  The exercise concluded on 15 October 2019 with a ceremonial closing ceremony, which included a grand cultural show presented by both the countries.

Exercise KAZIND-2019 was very successful in increasing the bonhomie and camaraderie amongst both the participating nations. The troops shared best practices being followed by both nations in counter terrorism operations in mountainous and jungle terrain and the exercise provided an opportunity to both the armies for greater understanding and strengthening mutual trust and cooperation.

Col Aman Anand

PRO (Army)












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