PM Narendra Modi announces the centralisation of the Vaccination drive in the country

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 7th June. Prime minister Narendra Modi during his address to the nation announced the centralization of the vaccination drive in the country from 21st June. The Prime Minister said that the Union government will completely take charge of the vaccination drive from 21st June.
The Prime Minister said that “This is the deadliest epidemic in the past 100 years which the modern history has never witnessed, and the country has fought this dreaded disease effectively at every level.
The Prime Minister said that new health infrastructure has been developed in the 1.5 years with COVID hospitals, ventilators beds, to preparing a network of testing labs. During the second wave in April-May, demand for medical oxygen increased at an unprecedented rate,
PM Modi extended the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana till Diwali where the poor will be provided free ration, under the scheme.
In his historic address to the nation, PM said that everyone above 18 will get the free vaccine and the people in a private hospital will be allowed to vaccinate by taking only Rs 150 extra.
The decision comes due to the failure of states in carrying out the vaccination drive in a disciplined manner. Prime Minister said that the target is to vaccinate each person with the first dose before Diwali.
He said that that many countries, the organisation also have not been able to do it with the speed done by India.
The Prime Minister addressing the nation spoke in length about the Covid pandemic and said due to its strong commitment we have been able to fight the epidemic in the past few months, He said that the situation worsened during the second wave and there was a short supply of medical oxygen, but all the departments worked day and night out to bring the situation under control.
The Prime Minister said that vaccination was the best shield against covid and after consultation with Member of Parliament and other institutions the vaccination drive was carried out in a phased manner as per the guidelines of the World health organisation.
In the first phase after consultation, it was decided to vaccinate the frontline workers and that decision has helped in saving lives of millions.
The Prime minister said that the Union government acceded to the demands of the states and 25% of work was handed over to the states.
and they made the efforts but when the states started facing difficulties and the demand for central control intensified and we have taken this decision that the central government will bear the responsibility of vaccination all. The new guidelines will be prepared in consultation with the states and from 21st June the Union government will provide them on International Yoga Day.
He said that collectively we can fight the invisible enemy and for that covid protocol such as social distancing and wearing mask is essential. The vaccine is the best health shield for us.
According to the government, the home ministry will be heading the vaccination drive. The government has divided the ministries into the as empowered group. The senior bureaucrats will be looking after the various processes for better management.
The Prime minister said that the centre’s vaccine policy was questioned by many, and he also talked about the misconception and rumours being spread against vaccination. He said that the change was made as per the demand of states to change the policy from 16th January and they did make effort but when they saw the challenges they again demanded the centre to go back to the old policy. He asked all to create awareness in favour of vaccination to achieve the target of vaccination for all.
He said that the vaccination drives in India better than in many other developed countries. Vaccination ad each dose is important as one life is linked with it. He said that states will be informed weeks in advance about the vaccine availability. He said that the extension of the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojna will ensure that the poor do not go hungry.
The Prime Minister talked about vaccine procurement and said that within few days the vaccine procurement will be increased.
With the Union government reverting to centralized procurement the PM Modi is back and in control of the situation.

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