PM Modi’s G7 Summit Visit in Italy Just Days Into 3rd Term Marks Key Diplomatic Milestone for Bharat

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New Delhi, 14th June. The G7 Summit, slated for June 13-15 in Italy’s scenic Puglia area, arrives at a vital time. The world is dealing with a number of problems, including ongoing hostilities in Ukraine and Gaza.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for Italy on Thursday to attend the 50th G7 leaders’ conference, his first travel overseas since entering office for a third term. PM Modi, accompanied by a high-level team, will attend an outreach session on June 14 that will focus on artificial intelligence, energy, Africa, and the Mediterranean.

PM Modi’s agenda for the G7 Summit in Italy includes a focus on several key areas that align with Bharat’s strategic interests and global priorities. Here’s a detailed overview of his agenda:

  1. Global South Advocacy

One of the primary objectives for PM Modi at the G7 Summit is to advocate for the interests of the Global South. Building on the outcomes of Bharat’s G20 presidency, Modi aims to ensure that the voices and concerns of developing nations are heard at this global forum. This includes discussions on equitable access to resources, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development goals.

  1. Strengthening Strategic Partnerships

PM Modi will also focus on strengthening Bharat’s strategic partnerships with G7 member countries, particularly Italy. This involves deepening bilateral ties through enhanced economic cooperation, defense collaborations, and cultural exchanges. The discussions with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni highlighted the mutual interest in bolstering the strategic partnership between Bharat and Italy.

  1. Economic and Trade Cooperation

Economic collaboration will be a significant part of Modi’s agenda. He will seek to enhance trade relations, attract foreign investment, and promote Bharat as a global manufacturing hub. Discussions are expected to cover trade barriers, market access, and joint ventures, particularly in high-tech sectors such as renewable energy, digital infrastructure, and innovation.

  1. Climate Change and Sustainability

Addressing climate change and promoting sustainability will be critical topics for PM Modi at the summit. Bharat’s commitment to renewable energy and its efforts in reducing carbon emissions will be showcased. Modi is likely to push for greater international cooperation in green technologies, financing for climate adaptation, and sharing best practices in sustainability.

  1. Global Security and Counterterrorism

Global security concerns, including counterterrorism efforts, will also be on the agenda. PM Modi will emphasize the need for a collective approach to combating terrorism and ensuring regional stability. Discussions will include intelligence sharing, joint military exercises, and strategies to counter emerging security threats.

  1. Health and Pandemic Preparedness

In light of the ongoing global health challenges, Modi will advocate for strengthened global health governance and preparedness for future pandemics. This includes equitable distribution of vaccines, building resilient health systems, and fostering international cooperation in medical research and development.

  1. Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation

PM Modi is expected to highlight Bharat’s advancements in digital transformation and technological innovation. He will advocate for global partnerships in areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and digital infrastructure. Promoting Bharat’s digital economy and showcasing its potential as a leader in technology-driven growth will be key points of discussion.

  1. 8.Intersection of AI Ethics and Global Diplomacy

Randhir Jaiswal, the Ministry of External Affairs’ official spokesperson, came to Platform X to provide an overview of Prime Minister Modi’s day-long visit to Italy. According to the details he revealed on X, Jaiswal made it obvious that the PM will have a busy day. He is scheduled to participate in a summit section titled ‘Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Africa-Mediterranean’, which will be led by Italian Prime Minister Meloni. Pope Francis will also be present for the conversation.

PM Modi is expected to hold a few bilateral meetings      

Modi is set to hold bilateral discussions with numerous international leaders during the G7 summit, including his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni. They last met in December 2023 at the COP28 Summit in Abu Dhabi. The two Prime Ministers are expected to examine the entire scope of bilateral ties and provide direction for next measures during their meeting with Italy’s Prime Minister.

Other key bilateral meetings are being planned, although details are still being finalized. Modi will be able to discuss preparations for his next term with leaders from the G7 and other invited Outreach Countries, including Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, and the UAE.


PM Modi’s fifth consecutive attendance in the G7 conference demonstrates Bharat’s growing global importance. As the globe faces difficult challenges, Bharat’s role in promoting discourse and collaboration remains critical.

The G7 summit in Italy promises to be a watershed moment, presenting an opportunity for Bharat to stress its stance and contribute to global talks on vital problems.

PM Modi’s agenda for the G7 Summit in Italy is comprehensive, focusing on advocating for the Global South, enhancing strategic partnerships, economic and trade cooperation, climate change, global security, health preparedness, and technological innovation. His participation underscores Bharat’s growing role on the global stage and its commitment to addressing pressing international issues collaboratively.

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