PM Modi Much Ahead of Rahul Gandhi in ‘Social Media Popularity’

“NO COMPARISON” between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi 


PM Modi Much Ahead of Rahul Gandhi in ‘Social Media Popularity’

*Kumar Rakesh 

If anyone will compare Prime Minister of Bharat Narendra Modi with Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi on any platforms, everyone is sure that PM Modi is much far ahead from Rahul Gandhi in all manners. This perception has been created globally, New Delhi to New York, New Delhi to Korea, and all continents of this world. As we have seen those surveys of the Most Popular Leader of this world that is our PM of Bharat Narendra Bhai Modi.

If we analyse with all inputs with knowledge, depth, body language, speeches, statements, responses, press conferences with all facts for Bharat, inside or outside the country, it’s obvious and transparent that PM Modi has a huge number of followers offline or online.

But recently BJP at party level has conducted a special survey after Rahul Gandhi returned to the Lok Sabha after suspension in April 2023 due to his misconduct and unlawful activities, remark against one community.AS we know that decision by the court not from BJP or any other party. After punishment by the Surat court, Lok Sabha had taken action against him. Now after notice from the Supreme court, Lok Sabha implemented that order accordingly. Now Rahul Gandhi has been reinstated as Lok Sabha Member. But sorry to say, no changes have been observed in his irresponsible attitudes and behaviours inside and outside of the parliament. As we have seen him, he tried to insult Bharat Mata as well as women MPs of treasury benches with his so-called flying kiss allegation. A complaint has been lodged in the office of Lok Sabha Speaker signed by many women MPs and ministers of the Modi Government.

In due course, after defeat by Congress in No confidence Motion in Lok Sabha, both parties have pushed their campaign on various social media platforms in the run up to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

In that survey Modi is far ahead with Rahul Gandhi at all social media platforms. Another survey is also being started on the issues of leadership of Bharat.

Sharing data, BJP said PM Modi’s account on X, formerly known as Twitter, received approximately 79.9 lakh engagements in the past one month while Gandhi’s handle received approximately 23.43 lakh engagements.

PM Modi’s account had approximately 2.77 crore engagements in the last three months, while Gandhi’s handle received approximately 58.23 lakh engagements in the same period, they claimed.

On Facebook, PM Modi’s account received approximately 57.89 lakh engagements in the last one month while Gandhi’s account had approximately 28.38 lakh engagements, BJP sources said.

The prime minister’s Facebook account received approximately 3.25 crore engagements this year, while the figure was 1.88 crore for Gandhi during the period.

On YouTube, they said PM Modi’s channel gained approximately 25.46 crore views in the past one month while the Congress leader’s channel on the platform gained approximately 4.82 crore views.

In this year so far, Modi’s YouTube channel gained approximately 75.79 crore views while Gandhi’s channel gained approximately 25.38 crore views.

After these all data at social media platforms, we can say there is NO comparison of PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi in the political platform of Bharat in upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2024, as PM Modi has assured the country that his party with NDA will come in power third time again and Bharat will in the list of TOP THREE economic power of this world.

*Kumar Rakesh is a Bhartiya Sr. Journalist & Political-Current Affairs Analyst/Commentator/Broadcaster of more than 34 years in Journalism, Media, Communication in Bharat & Many Countries. Travelled for media coverage/fellowships/seminars on almost all continents including Special reporting from United Nations, HQ,NY,USA many times.
*At Present, Mr. Rakesh is  the Editorial Chairman of Global Governance News Group & Samagra Bharat Media Group, New Delhi, Bharat & Many countries.
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