PM attends Dussehra Celebrations at DDA Ground, Dwaraka


Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi attended Dussehra Celebrations at DDA Ground, Dwaraka in New Delhi, today. Prime Minister greeted fellow Indians on Vijaya Dashami.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister said that India is a land of festivals. Due to our vibrant culture, there is always an occasion or festival in some parts of India. Through India’s festivals we celebrate the salient aspects of Indian culture. We get to know different types of art, music, song and dance, he added.

He said that India is a land of Shakti Sadhna. In the last nine days we worshipped Maa. Taking that spirit ahead, he called for working towards furthering empowerment as well as dignity of women.

Reminding about his talk on Ghar ki Laxmi during Maan ki Baat, Prime Minister called for celebrating the accomplishments of our Nari Shakti this Diwali. He said that today is Vijaya Dashami and also Air Force Day. India is phenomenally proud of our Air Force, he added.

At a time when we mark 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi, PM made a request on this Vijaya Dashami. He asked the people to take up one mission this year and work to fulfil it. This mission can be – not wasting food, conserving energy, saving water. He said that if we want to understand the power of collective spirit, we must seek inspiration from Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Bhagwan Shri Ram.

The Prime Minister watched the Ramleela organized by the Dwarka Sri Ram Leela Society. He also witnessed the burning of giant effigies of Ravan, Kumbhakarn and Meghnad signifying the triumph of good over evil, during the event.

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