PGIMER hospital suffering from inhouse disputes


Chandigarh: Everyday there is blame game in shape of Press Releases coming to media and One Doctor is targeted. Be it through RTIs or through old aged demands. In this turmoil of Complaints, All who suffering is an institution says a member of Faculty Association of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER).

We have thousands of patients coming to us everyday, with this we have to do administrative work along with teaching too. In this routine, we have no time left for this Cheap Politics done by this Non Teaching staff member. But Now, we are also fed up and want to exhaust all our channels before knocking at the door of Media says Doctor of Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER).

Today, In press release of Nurses Association, the very first point of demand is to remove Dr A K Gupta Medical Superintendent without even explaining why do they want him to remove from Nurses Establishment. Rest of demands are to give them accommodation, nurses changing room, Pay scales etc, which are found to be genuine one other than removal of Dr Gupta.

When talking to Dr Gupta on this issue, he said that Nurses want to sleep for 4 hours in night which is against Rules. At the time of Joining Nurses sign a mandate of working for 8 hours and in the night duty, they could have a sleeping time of 30 minutes only. Dr Gupta said that they have been caught sleeping in night duties and patients lives go on stake. This is the main reason why they want removal of Dr Gupta from the Nurses Establishment.

Yesterday Non Teaching staff member targeted Dr Neelam of Hepatology for harassing an employee along with Dr Khandelwal HOD of Radiology saying that he has misused his powers though Dr Khandelwal has been the one who took Radiology Department to the International Level claims member of faculty association.

Now, Since the Ball is in Faculty Court to defend their point as other Non Teaching party is throwing blames missiles everyday at them.

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