People of Assam are facing ‘Human rights’ violation: Shah on NRC


New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party national president and Rajya Sabha MP, Amit Shah asked all opposition parties to clear the stance in ‘National register of Citizen’ on Tuesday. Shah took jibe at all the opposition party’s objecting the issue of ‘NRC’ during a press note at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi. Shah said that does the people of Assam are not facing human right abuses? Does the nation resources used by illegal immigrants is right?

Prior to the press conference, Amit Shah was keeping his point on the issue of NRC in the Rajya Sabha, but due to the uproar of the opposition, the Rajya Sabha was adjourned till Wednesday 11 am. Shah, through his press conference, said, “NRC is for the security of the country. An atmosphere of injustice is being made on the NRC..Safety of the citizens is our priority.”

Trinamool Congress and the Indian National Congress earlier have led scathing attack on BJP in the issue of NRC. Earlier, TMC President Mamta Banerjee had accused BJP of dividing Hindu-Muslim. The INC has also accused the BJP of spoiling the image of the country.

Responding to all these allegations, Shah asked the TMC and Congress to clear their stand on the Bangladeshi intruders. Shah said, we are just following the order of the Supreme Court … When the Congress was in the government then they support NRC and now they don’t..we cannot disrespect the sentiment of the people of Assam. Security of citizens is our priority.

Under NRC citizenship of all the people residing in Assam is under radar, in which an investigation is being done of their documents whether they are citizen of India or not? This will separate them with Bangladeshi intruders or others. So far documents of 3.29 crore people have been investigated, out of which 2.8 million people have been found correct. The remaining 40 million people will be given a chance to prove their citizenship.

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