Palghar massacre is a premeditated anti-Hindu conspiracy: Milind Parande



New Delhi, 23 Apr.The Secretary General of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Shri Milind Parande, termed the Palghar massacre a premeditated anti-Hindu conspiracy. He demands a thorough investigation and booking of lynchers & their conspirators immediately.
He said that in the context of the Palghar district heartrending incident of the horrific murder of the revered monks and their driver, many shocking facts are coming out. Investigation of these is crucial. An important pointer is that despite there being the COVID-19 lockdown, who during that time since 14th April did spread the rumour of child kidnapping gangs in the village? Only 3-4 days ago, in the surrounding area, there was an attack on a doctor and a police officer who came to distribute relief material.
Despite this record, why was not enough police force sent at the time of this incident? On 16th April at 9 pm, for the first time, the car of the Ven. Sadhus was stopped in the village and for the first time they began to be beaten up. After the village Sarpanch Mrs Chitra Chaudhary reasoned to pacify, the hitting stopped and the Ven. Sadhus were taken to the forest guard cabin. On being informed, armed police force came after about an hour and their role was only to remain spectators and not action-takers! In spite of being armed, why did they not or could not prevent or stop the fatal incident? Was there any pressure from above to do nothing? After that, again a large crowd gathered from many villages. And in the second attack, the Ven. Sadhus were pounded to death.
Despite the lockdown, who did call the people in large numbers to come armed with clubs and stones at midnight from many nearby villages? Who were the ones who misled and incited to pound the Ven. Saints to death? And who are now the ones threatening to kill the woman Sarpanch and her family who tried to reason with the mob to pacify it? He asked.
Shri Parande also said that in the police FIR, a “premeditated conspiracy” is clearly stated. So why does the Chief Minister of Maharashtra want to trim down the gravity of this case by calling it a ‘galatfahmi’ (‘misunderstanding’)? Is it a hint and sign to the police?
Even after such a ghastly incident, why are the so-called liberals, the leftist ideologues, the Khan Market Gang, the award-wapsi gang and the ever-verbose and garrulous big film stars now silent? Is it only because those killed were Hindu monks? These are a few of the many questions that need to be answered quickly.
The VHP secretary general added that the top 5 accused are all activists of the major leftist political parties in that region. The MLA there also belongs to the Communist Party. The political and non-political organizations of the leftist ideological school infesting and infecting the area and misleading & inciting the innocent forest dwellers into violence by surmonising them that – you are the indigenous people, you are not Hindus. The Lord of the forest dwellers is Ravana, and Ram is an unjust king, etc.
As stated by the Government of India Ministry of Home Affairs in Parliament, more than 700 violent incidents take place in the country every year. Due to leftist ideological schooling, in the Left affected areas, hundreds of people are killed. Even in the Palghar pocket, non-political organizations of the leftist ideological school have carried out several violent attacks on the Hindus of Vaishnava community. The 16th April massive midnight mob lynching of the revered sadhus seems to be a conspiracy inspired and premeditated by anti-Hindu sentiment.
Realizing the barbarity and heartlessness of the crime and the swift response and reaction across the country, the Maharashtra government, with all seriousness and gravity, must arrest, without more ado, the killers of the revered saints and take all crucial steps to ensure severe punishment. This is what the Vishva Hindu Parishad demands. All the above pointers should be taken into account and investigated.

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