Overseas Friends of BJP-UK group expresses our dissent to the misuse of a photo of PM Narendra Modi in one of the campaigns by Labour candidate

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 30th June. Overseas Friends of BJP-UK group a voluntary group working for UK-India relations through a letter written to Labour Party chairman has expressed its dissent to the misuse of a photo of Prime Minister of India in one of the campaigns by Labour candidate Kim Leadbeater in Batley and Spen by-election The letter said that Leadbeater is either misinformed or using the fake information intentionally for personal gain.
The president of the group Kuldeep Shekhawat said that the poster published is misleading to the extent that the democratically elected Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi along with his UK counterpart Boris Johnson are shown in a very negative way. It is a well-known fact that the entire Union Territory of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (JK&L) including the part illegally occupied by Pakistan and the part annexed to China, is an integral part of Republic of India. At the time of independence of India in 1947, all princely states comprising the undivided India were given choice of merging either with India or Pakistan. The King of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (JK&L) Maharaja Hari Singh, decided to merge his state with India by signing the ‘instrument of accession’ which is a legal and binding document underthe Indian Independence Act 1947 said Shekhawat.
He further added that though historical facts are well known, we take this opportunity to reiterate our stand that, Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (JK&L) are integral part of Republic of India and there is no dispute about it. Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (JK&L), like any other states of India is governed by constitution of India with strong working legal system and there is no communication barrier or black out as Ms. Leadbeater used in her poster stating Human Rights Abuses. The development story of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh (JK&L) expounds upholding the Human values. It is the first Indian territory/state to complete COVID vaccination for all its citizens above 45 years old is an example. Through this letter, the group has requested the Labour party to verify the facts through your good offices about Human Rights violation by Pakistan and its army on citizens of Gilgit-Baltistan and POJK (Pakistan Occupied Jammu Kashmir). Shekhawat said that the respected parliamentary candidate should have the courtesy and will to physically visit these areas in POJK and find out by herself before pointing the fingers at a robust and constitutionally governed democratic nation like India. Using the misleading information to lure voters is an unfair democratic activity. As a party leader, entertaining such unhealthy practices for shorter gain is unethical.
The group demanded from the Labour party to withdraw such anti India and anti-democratic posters and take serious action against the MP candidate Kim Leadbeater

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