Mumbai Police Arrests 6 People for Smuggling Diesel Worth Rs 18 Lakh


GG News Bureau
Mumbai, 21st Nov. 
The Yellow Gate police in Mumbai have arrested six individuals, including sailors, for their alleged involvement in an attempt to smuggle diesel via a boat in the Arabian Sea near Sewri jetty. This incident was reported on Monday.
The Mumbai police discovered a total of 19,500 liters of diesel, which holds a market value of 18 lakh rupees.
The coastal guard officers were the first to notice an unidentified boat in the Arabian Sea on the night of November 15. They promptly informed the police, who swiftly arrived at the scene and assumed control of the investigation.
The police have confiscated the boat, estimated to be worth up to 3 lakh rupees, along with other items found inside, that were used for smuggling purposes.
An ongoing investigation is currently taking place.

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