MP: Former BJP MP Bodh Singh Bhagat, Several BJP Leaders Join Congress


GG News Bureau

Bhopal, 21st Sept. Ahead of the next assembly elections, several Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, including a former BJP MP from Balaghat, Bodh Singh Bhagat, have joined the Congress party, along with their supporters.

On Wednesday, these leaders joined the Congress in the presence of state Congress chief and former chief minister Kamal Nath at the state Congress office in Bhopal.

Bodh Singh Bhagat of Balaghat, Dilip Singh of Rewa, Rajesh Patel and Sumit Choubey of Budni, and Prabhat Joshi, Dr Bhim Singh Patel, and Chandrashekhar Patel of Vidisha have all joined the Congress party, along with their supporters.

According to the Congress, Rajesh Patel from Budhni, Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s constituency, came with convoy of around 150 vehicles to joined the party.

Addressing the program on the occasion, Bodh Singh Bhagat said, “It is my fortune that I am taking membership of Congress. Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi led the Bharat Jodo Yatra in the severe cold and gave a message that there should be an atmosphere of brotherhood in the country. I was very impressed by it.”

The 15-month tenure of the Congress government has left an impact on the people’s heart which they did not forget. The congress government was collapsed by conspiracy but he can assure that the public would not forgive them (BJP), he added.

“My fight with the BJP was of adulteration, fake fertiliser, fake seeds, fake medicines. I also raised this issue but my voice was overshadowed. Balaghat MLA Ghori Shankar Bisen has been included in the cabinet against whom and there is a case in Lokayukta in connection with disproportionate assets,” he added.

When elections are near Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is giving lollipops to people but people of the state have understood everything. Today, there is not even the right to speak in the country. If someone speaks that person is put behind the bars, Bhagat said.

“Today, I have taken the membership and there are no conditions in love. I have not demanded anything from Kamal Nath. Whatever responsibility is given to me, I will accept it,” he added.

On the other hand, speaking on the occasion Kamal Nath said, “I welcome everyone in the congress party. Bodh Singh has been in Parliament with me. You are not supporting the Congress, you are supporting the truth.”

Today, there is no limit to corruption in the state. Every person is either a victim or witness to corruption. Such a system has been created that gives money and takes work. Today, farmers are facing problems in getting fertilisers and seeds, he added.

“The upcoming assembly polls is not an election of any party or any candidate, it is the election of the future of Madhya Pradesh. In the last 5 months, CM Chouhan’s lie machine has been running at double the speed. If CM Shivraj did not lie, then his food didn’t digest,” Nath said.

Don’t support Kamal Nath or the Congress party but support the truth, he added.

The state is scheduled to go for the Assembly polls later this year. Through the polls, the state will elect legislators from 230 Assembly constituencies.

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