More Than 15 Lakh First-Time Voters Set to Vote in Rajasthan


GG News Bureau
Jaipur, 9th Feb.
 In an announcement on Thursday, Rajasthan’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Praveen Gupta revealed that over 15 lakh new electors in the state will participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections for the first time.

With a total of more than 5.32 crore registered voters in the state for the 2024 general elections, the electoral landscape is witnessing significant growth.

Among the registered voters, Gupta detailed that 2,74,75,971 are men and 2,53,51,276 are women.

Additionally, he highlighted that 15,54,604 new voters falling in the 18-19 age group have been added to the electoral roll since the recent state assembly elections. Moreover, the inclusion of 616 individuals identifying as third gender further enriches the voter demographics.

During the assembly elections held in November last year, over 5.6 lakh disabled voters and 11.72 lakh voters aged above 80 years were registered in Rajasthan. Gupta noted that these numbers have seen an increase, with disabled voters now totaling 5,72,965 and those above 80 years of age numbering 12,85,960.

Gupta also disclosed that details regarding integrated voter lists were shared during a meeting with representatives of political parties, underscoring the commitment to transparency and inclusivity in the electoral process.

As Rajasthan gears up for the Lok Sabha elections, the influx of new voters underscores the importance of their participation in shaping the democratic landscape of the state.
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