Monsoon Session day 3: Hug’s and Grudge between Rahul and Modi


New Delhi: In the day third of monsoon session where no-trust motion was proposed against government of India, the congress president Rahul Gandhi made a scathing attack on Prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP.

Rahul on his address in Lok Sabha have made scathing attack on PM, Rahul started his speech with saying that depositing Rs15 lakh on every Indian account was a ‘Jumla’ (joke) made by Modi, he promised 2.5 crore job every year to Indian people which so far is seen as a ‘Jumla’ (joke).

Congress president said that PM have very good relation with corporates and have given 2.5 lakh crore of debt waiver to 10-15 big businesses, while Indian farmers were folding hands to PM for his mercy.

Speaking for the Rafael deal Rahul directly criticize Modi and said that,”Rafael deal was snatched from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and given to the close ally of PM who hasn’t made a single aircraft”. He directly attacked defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman that, she under pressure of Modi have worked in this deal.

On the issue of Doklam Rahul said, “While PM was swinging with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Ahmedabad the Chinese army infiltrated our borders (sic.) Modi have betrayed the Indian army”. He also criticized his Wuyan (China) visit with no agenda meet in China.

Modi can’t make eye contact with me Rahul said in a speech which was delivered in the havoc environment inside Lok Sabha.

This was just the beginning of Rahul ruthless attack on government before Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended Lok Sabha for 10 minutes break, after resuming house Rahul again attack government. He said, “government have given a gift of Rs10,000 crore to farmers around nation compared to Karnataka government of Rs34,000 crore”.

Rahul also said that when minorities and women are attacked the prime minister is silent (sic) this is the attack on Ambedkar’s constitution. He thanked RSS, BJP to teach him the meaning of Indian which is to help and respect each individual.

After finishing his speech he walked towards Modi and hugged him, which took everyone by surprise in the house Modi in a reply have shaken hand with him.

During the speech speaker was seen to control the situation, although the figures given by Rahul were not seen as credible as he presented.

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