Manika Jain: Bridging Nations with Diplomacy, Dedication, and Diligence

As Ambassador, She Will Unlock New Horizons in India-Romania Bilateral Relations

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New Delhi, 10th July. Ms. Manika Jain, a distinguished Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer from the 1993 batch, has recently been appointed as the Ambassador of India to Romania. She is set to assume her new role shortly. Throughout her diplomatic career, Ms. Jain has played a pivotal role in strengthening bilateral relations with numerous countries.

Currently, she serves as the Additional Secretary and Head of Division of the Diaspora Engagement Division at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) since October 2020. Her role involves engaging with the Indian Diaspora abroad, managing various diaspora schemes, and orchestrating the Convention on Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the MEA’s flagship event.

Ms. Manika Jain is a seasoned diplomat with extensive experience in international relations, having served in various capacities within the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). Here is a profile of Ms. Jain highlighting her career and achievements:

Professional Journey

Ambassadorial and Consular Roles:

Ambassador of India to Cambodia (2017-2020): Ms. Jain’s tenure in Cambodia was marked by significant diplomatic engagements and strengthening bilateral relations.

Consul General of India in Melbourne (2013-2017): Her efforts in Melbourne were crucial in enhancing India’s image and fostering strong connections with the Indian community in Australia.

Counsellor (Economic & Commerce), Indian Embassy in Indonesia (2006-2008): During her time in Indonesia, she played a key role in bolstering economic and commercial ties between India and Indonesia.

First Secretary, Embassy of India, Myanmar (2002-2005): Her contributions in Myanmar were instrumental in furthering India’s diplomatic objectives in the region.

Headquarters Assignments:

Trade Policy Division, Ministry of Commerce and Industry: Ms. Jain’s expertise in trade policy significantly contributed to India’s commercial strategies.

BSM (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives) Division, MEA: Her work in this division involved managing India’s relations with these neighbouring countries.

East Asia Division, MEA: Ms. Jain’s efforts were vital in strengthening India’s diplomatic and strategic ties with East Asian nations.

Additional Roles:

Director, Indian Council of World Affairs: Her tenure as Director showcased her ability to lead and manage India’s premier think tank on international relations.

Joint Secretary, Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service: Ms. Jain’s role as Joint Secretary emphasized her commitment to training and nurturing future diplomats.

Educational Background and Early Career

Ms. Jain’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Law. Before joining the Indian Diplomatic Service, she gained valuable experience working with government committees on labor reforms and women’s issues. Her early career laid a strong foundation for her subsequent diplomatic achievements.

Language Proficiency

During her diplomatic training, Ms. Jain was assigned to Lisbon, where she acquired proficiency in the Portuguese language. This linguistic skill further enriched her diplomatic versatility and ability to engage with diverse cultures.

Contribution to Diaspora Engagement

As the head of the Diaspora Engagement Division, Ms. Jain’s initiatives have been pivotal in connecting the Indian diaspora with their homeland. Her leadership in organizing the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas has been particularly noteworthy, as this event serves as a crucial platform for diaspora interaction and collaboration.


Ms. Manika Jain’s illustrious career in the Indian Foreign Service exemplifies her dedication, expertise, and strategic acumen. Her contributions across various diplomatic roles have significantly bolstered India’s international standing and fostered robust ties with numerous countries. As she continues to lead the Diaspora Engagement Division, her work remains integral to strengthening the global Indian community’s connection with India.

As the new Ambassador to Romania, Ms. Jain is expected to further strengthen the bilateral ties between India and Romania, focusing on enhancing cooperation in various sectors, including trade, culture, and technology.


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