Maintain the decorum of the parliament in the session: LS speaker


Before the beginning of the monsoon session from 18 July the Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan has urged to the parliamentarian to maintain the decorum of the house. Mahajan wrote letter to all members of the lower house to avoid suspension of session after session of the house.

Mahajan in the letter wrote,” At times, some Honorable Members have come to the well of the House and shouted slogans, shown placards and banners and interrupted the proceedings of the House. Consequently, the House had to be adjourned repeatedly without transacting any business”.

Mahajan urged members to assure that discussion, divergence of opinion and dissent is within the well-established parameters and accepted norms of Parliamentary dignity and decorum so that people may continue to have abiding faith in democracy and democratic institutions.

“During my recent foreign visits, the Indian Diaspora and other foreign dignitaries also expressed their disappointment and concern over the constant disruption in the business of the House” she added.

“Sometimes on social media platforms, we find that the expected enthusiasm and appreciation for the Parliament, Parliamentary Conventions and Democracy is not available. This trend may pose a challenge for our democracy,” said Mahajan, while laying emphasis upon the fact that there is a need for MPs to introspect and decide what is the way forward and ideal image for our Parliament and democracy.

The 75 year old have earlier said that she runs the house as a mother. The session will begin on July 18 and will end on August 10.

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