Juvenile Justice Board Members Under Scrutiny Over Controversial Bail Terms in Pune Porsche Case

GG News Bureau
Pune, 29th May. 
The actions of members of the Juvenile Justice Board, particularly those appointed by the Maharashtra government, have come under intense scrutiny following widely criticized bail conditions for a 17-year-old Pune teen involved in a fatal drunk driving accident with his father’s ₹2.5 crore Porsche.

A five-member committee, led by the Deputy Commissioner of the state’s Women and Child Development department, has been tasked with investigating the roles of Dr. LN Danwade, who granted bail to the teen within 15 hours of the incident. The bail terms initially included writing a 300-word essay on road safety and posting bonds worth ₹15,000. Subsequently, amidst public outrage and indications from law enforcement of charging the boy as an adult, the terms were revised, and he was remanded to a juvenile remand home until June 5.

The committee, which includes three members appointed by the Maharashtra government, aims to ascertain whether proper legal procedures were followed when granting bail. A report is expected to be submitted next week, according to Prashant Narnawre, the Women and Child Development Commissioner.

The case unfolded on May 19 when the teen, who was allegedly heavily intoxicated, ran over two IT professionals from Madhya Pradesh with the Porsche. The incident occurred at 2:15 am, prompting questions about the circumstances leading to the teen’s access to the vehicle and alcohol, given his underage status.

Subsequent investigations have revealed various procedural lapses, including delays in conducting blood alcohol tests and allegations of test manipulation by hospital staff. Additionally, the teen’s father, a prominent realtor, has been implicated in criminal charges related to the incident, including endangering his son’s life and bribery.

The police have taken action against multiple individuals involved, including suspensions of officers and arrests of hospital staff and family members accused of tampering with evidence. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde addressed the case, affirming his commitment to impartial justice and vowing strict action against any wrongdoing, regardless of social status.

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