Iraqi premier pledged to eradicate ‘corruption pandemic’

Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau

UNITED NATIONS 24th Sept. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al Sudani on Friday addressed the UN General Assembly told world leaders that a spirit of consensus prevails in Iraq, with a broad political coalition now governing the nation, encompassed all aspects of society,

He emphasized that the coalition has adopted a programme with crucial priorities aimed at immediate implementation for the benefit of the Iraqis.

Al Sadani said these priorities include the creation of employment opportunities, the eradication of poverty, the fight against corruption, and the enactment of economic reforms.

He stressed that holding local elections, after a 10-year hiatus, the Federal Government is working with the region of Kurdistan and all other regions of Iraq on “equal footing”.

Prime Minister acknowledged that Iraq has faced a “corruption pandemic”,

Mr. al Sudani stressed that the Government is focused on eradicating “this disease”.

He expressed his belief that there is a symbiotic relationship between corruption and terrorism. It is vital to pursue those who spread corruption, he said, adding that the money they have stolen must be returned.

He highlighted Iraq’s intensifying efforts to combat drugs and any related activities, noting “it is no secret that there is a direct relationship between terrorism and drugs.”.

Al Sadani noted the desire for Iraq to be a part of the solution to any international and regional problem, and that it is committed to international law and respects all UN resolutions.

It will pursue friendship with its neighbors and will not be a launch point of aggression against any other State.

Mr. al Sudani warned of the consequences of religious extremism, something that Iraq knows well, and denounced it in all forms. “Burning the holy Qur’an is a hate crime,” he stressed.

On climate change, he noted that “the land of Mesopotamia” is suffering from drought, cautioning “the cradle of civilization must not be allowed to die of thirst.”

Iraq is working on efforts between relevant regional States to form a negotiating bloc and to manage cross-border water resources.

He stressed the need to mobilize international efforts to ensure the sustainability of water sources. On a national level, Iraq has taken steps to lower emissions and combat pollution.  The institutions are needed to deal with mounting climate challenges.

Young people constitute 60 percent of the Iraqi population and are its “best investment,” he said.

He noted several programmes to support students and the youth, including on job prospects.

Mr. Al Sudani recognized the role of women in helping Iraq achieve victory against terrorism.

He reiterated that Iraq is going to secure environment for investors, and as a pivotal State in the global oil market is working to establish a regional corridor to facilitate transportation and trade.

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