Indian American Pramod Bhagat Defeats COVID-19 By Yoga And Ayurveda

He practiced yoga and took herbal medicines.


New Jersey. Coronavirus has taken a toll all over the world. New Jersey based Indian American Pramod Bhagat is a COVID-19 survivor and he has shared his survival story with a portal. His story might help people to survive this pandemic.

Life Changing Dinner

Mr. Pramod Bhagat is an IT professional, a yoga practitioner and a community leader. He went to Costco, to have dinner with his friends. Little did he know that the upcoming weeks would be terrible for him. He had no idea that he would be counted one in million people who were suffering with COVID-19. He got sick after he returned home. He thought it to be flu but the rising temperatures were indicating something severe.

Even The Doctor Was Clueless

His condition was worsening. He had no coughing but he was feeling weak with 103 degree temperature. After his family suggested him to see a doctor, he was put on Tylenol and he self quarantined himself in the basement of his house. He and his doctor did not assume him to be attacked by the virus. His doctor had advised him to take Vitamin C and warm water along with the Tylenol. His test results came a few days later and he tested positive for COVID-19.


Mr. Bhagat did not show the symptoms initially. However, within 6 days, his health started deteriorating. His chest started hurting a lot, he experienced shortness of breath and he could not even sleep or sit. He was terribly scared when he lost the power to smell. He couldn’t even smell camphor or incense sticks. His family and friends wanted him to get admitted in a hospital but he kept denying. He recalls his days of hell, when he couldn’t even eat anything and too much Tylenol was showing it’s side effects.

Yoga Helps!

When the diarrhea started, his family, friends and doctor again advised him to visit a hospital. But instead of going to the hospital, he called up his father in Munger, Bihar. He described all his symptoms and his father called the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger. The Yoga centre asked him to perform the Yoga process Kunjal Kriya. He saw red and yellow toxins coming out after he performed Kunjal Kriya. His fever also started reducing. This is, usually, performed once a week but he, somehow tried it every alternate day.

Mr. Pramod Bhagat is a trained yoga practitioner so he knew the process well. He later started taking herbal medicines, Tulsi and Giloy tablets. He stopped Tylenol completely but took Tulsi and Giloy on a regular basis. Soon his temperature got normal and his congested chest also felt lighter. Although it took 2 weeks for him to regain his sense of smell. He is still a little weak but is not facing any other symptom.

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