India is the 5th best friend of Russia: Russian report


India is among top 5 friendly nations to Russia a recent report have found. The ‘Levada centre’ on the comprehensive Russian opinion polls has published India among the friendliest nation to Russia.

Russians identified Belarus as their top ally followed by China, Kazakhstan, Syria and India.

Indians are feeling reassured that the ‘Druzhba-Dosti’ relationship is still intact but the important thing to notice is that China is the second most important ally to Russia. China has supported Russia in international platform like United Nation which led to gain trust of both nations. The declining ties between New Delhi and Moscow are seen as the New Delhi closing ties with Washington.

In the report the top foes of Russia is chosen to be U.S. followed with Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. While Afghanistan remains a designated enemy. The average Russian indentifies radical Islamism, as an important threat to their nation. They consider Trump, Ukraine, Europe, ISIS and radical Islam and corruption to be the biggest threat to Russia.

The Levada centre is the only non-governmental pollster in Russia and labeled a ‘foreign agent by Kremlin in 2016.


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