IIT Madras Campus Shut: 66 Students and 5 Staffs Covid positive

GG News Bureau 

Chennai, 14 December.

Temporary lockdown has been imposed on IIT Madras campus after 66 students and 5 staff members tested positive for Covid-19.

On Sunday a total of 31 students tested positive for Coronavirus and were immediately admitted to Covid Care Centre in Guindy.

After the outbreak of the virus, it was decided by the institution that all the departments would temporarily remain closed. Teachers and students have been asked to work from home.

In a press release IIT Madras said, “The institute has been functioning on limited capacity with only 10% students in the hostels.”

“To be cautious all students have been asked to remain in their rooms and packed food is being supplied to the students in the hostels,” it added.

The release also said, “A SOP is in place to determine how many scholars and project staff can work safely in each lab based on its size, ventilation etc. Research scholars who wished to return earlier (out of turn with respect to the SOP involving quarantine before release into the hostels) were permitted to do so if they were willing to stay off campus similar to project staff, till their turn came to be accepted in the hostels, and provided their lab could accommodate them.”

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