ICFAI University Sikkim Hosts Freshers Welcome and Orientation Program


GG News Bureau

Gangtok, 18th Sept. ICFAI University Sikkim recently held a grand Freshers Welcome and Orientation Program at Manan Kendra to kick-start the new academic year.

The event saw the enthusiastic participation of the new batch of students, as well as prominent figures from the academic and law enforcement sectors.

Siksha Goel, the Student Council President, warmly welcomed the students and highlighted the esteemed position of ICFAI University Sikkim as the oldest and premier university in the state, recognized by the UGC and associated regulatory bodies.

The event was graced by Akhay Sachdeva – Special DG Law and Order of Sikkim Police, and SP East of Sikkim Police – who delivered inspiring speeches, emphasizing the students’ role as representatives of the esteemed ICFAI University community.

Dr. Jagannath Patnaik, the Vice Chancellor of ICFAI University, addressed the students, urging them to work diligently, maintain integrity, and serve as inspirations to their peers, families, and society.

He stressed the importance of perseverance and dedication in achieving success.

The program marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the new batch of students, encouraging them to engage in extracurricular activities, excel academically, and contribute to the university’s events, fostering a brighter future together.

The day was filled with excitement as students celebrated their induction into the college.

The cultural club and student council organized a vibrant event at the Manan Bhawan Auditorium, where participants showcased their talents through solo singing and various dance performances.

To conclude the event, the senior students led the new batch in taking the IUSIKKIM PLEDGE.

The pledge emphasized embracing knowledge, fostering unity, and making a positive impact on campus and in the world.

It also highlighted the values of integrity, respect, and diversity, and the commitment to lifelong learning, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

Together, the students pledged to be stewards of positive change and to work collaboratively towards building a brighter future.

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