Human Rights body probe Sudan war crimes

Anjali Sharma
GG News Bureau
UNITED NATIONS, 19th Jan. Human Rights Experts on Thursday begun their work to investigate grave allegations of crimes in Sudan, where 9 months of fighting between rival military forces have left thousands dead and millions displaced.

The Chair of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Sudan, Mohamed Chande Othman, said that Sudanese civil society organisations and others had started to share information with investigators this week in Geneva.

“These allegations underscore the importance of accountability, the necessity of our investigations and the vital need for the violence to end immediately,” he said.

The fact-finding mission has three investigators who were appointed by the UN Human Rights Council last December.

Their work will pay “particular attention” to allegations of sexual violence and the military recruitment of children.

The experts will present their initial findings to the Human Rights Council later this year.

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