Gujjars under OBC entitled to 21 percent quota: Rajasthan Gov’t


The Rajasthan government  today clarified that five castes, including Gujjars, under the most backward classes (MBC), are also entitled to the 21 per cent quota under the OBC category for admission to educational institutions and recruitment in government jobs in the state.

The orders, dated July 1 issued by the Department of Personnel (DoP) today, clarified that the most backward classes are entitled for the 21 per cent reservation under Other Backward Class (OBC).

The five castes under the most backward class (MBC) are

1) Banjara/Baldia/Labana

2) Gadia-Lohar/Gadalia

3) Gujjar/Gurjar

4) Raika/Rebari

5) Gadaria (Gaadri)


The state government had issued the notification for giving one per cent reservation under the MBC on December 21, 2017, but the communities were not getting proper advantages.

“It was brought to the notice of the government that the most backward classes are being considered only for the MBC reservation and the guidelines for the reservation were not being followed properly,” the orders stated.


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