Govt of India had taken Several initiatives for Control Pollutions for save people & society

New Delhi.13th oct .
Central govt. believes in working to end Pollution govt.The Central govt. has taken various anti air pollution initiatives in the last 6 years. Some of them are listed below:-

· Construction of Eastern and Western peripheral expressways, which has reduced pollution by preventing 60000 undestined Heavy Vehicles (trucks) passing through Delhi every day.

· Closure of Badarpur Power Plant, which directly reduced the pollution

· Introduction of BS-VI standard compliant vehicles and fuel, with the investment of Rs 65000 crore, has reduced vehicular pollution to a great extent

· Machines for stubble cutting worth Rs 1400 crore have been provided to Punjab and Haryana farmers has resulted in reduction of about 15% and 20% pollution from stubble burning, respectively.

· Introduction of zig-zag technology in 2800 brick klins in NCR has resulted in lesser pollution

· 2600 NCR industries have been brought on piped natural gas (PNG)

· Introduction of Construction and Demolition Waste Management rules, for the first time in 2016, have reduced dust pollution. Three factories produce roadside tiles and dividers from the construction waste.

· Three power plants are producing 57 MW of electricity from processing of waste in Delhi.

· Hundreds of dust suppressants and water sprinkling vehicles have been provided by DDA.

· Vapour recovery system completed in all retail outlets of petrol and diesel in NCR

· Convened many meetings of Environment Ministers and key officers of NCR states, beginning with meeting of Cabinet Secretary in March.2020

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