Former Mayor Preety Agarwal North Delhi wrote letter to CM Kejriwal




New Delhi ,22nd April:As is known to you this is the largest Civic body in Delhi catering to about 70 Lakh people.
Time and again it has been emphasized at various forums that the Corporation is undergoing tremendous financial crunch. It is also a known fact that internal sources of the Corporation is highly inadequate due to various factors. Further the possibility of revenue growth during the first quarter of the financial year 2020-21 seems very grim as the country is under lockdown and payment of Municipal taxes would be the last thing the public would like to do under the current circumstances.
In view of the above the salary to the Municipal Employees is delayed. It is for the State government to support the Civic bodies and the State government appoints Financial Commissions to give their recommendations for having a proper revenue sharing between the State and the Civic bodies. But here the sharing is not taking place as per the recommendations of the Financial Commission s. Recommendations beneficial to the State government are accepted whereas the recommendations which gives some benefit to the Civic bodies are not accepted. If the recommendations of fourth and fifth financial Commissions were accepted North DMC would have got Rs.968 Cr.and about Rs.3600 Cr. respectively. Hence to tide over immediate exigency a one time grant of Rs.2000Cr may be given to the North Delhi Municipal Corporation.
It is pertinent to mention that Municipal Services including Sanitation and Health care are provided by the Corporation and it leaves no stone unturned to keep the City clean and hygienic .
You’ll also appreciate the fact that the North DMC employees are in the forefront in the fight against Corona apart from their regular duties. Few days back Chief Secretary had constituted a team namely Corona Foot Warriors Containment and Surveillance Team headed by the BLO to monitor lockdown violations in which MCD Sanitation workers has also been included. In this regard it’s brought to your attention that due to higher age of Safaikaramcharies and those living outside Delhi attendance of Safaikaramcharies is affected to some extend. If additional duties are assigned the Safaikaramcharies doing their basic function will be far from requirement which in turn will adversely affect the benefits of good work carried out by the Corporation in the field of Dengue and Chickenguniea and the season of these diseases is fast approaching.Hence such additional duties may be withdrawn.
In brief
1.A one time grant of Rs.2000 crores may be given.
2.Additional duties assigned to Safaikaramcharies may be withdrawn
Thereby boost the morale of employees to make them more active in their field of work.




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