“Fake News Will Fail”: Ashwini Vaishnaw Defends Loco Pilots’ Conditions

GG News Bureau
New Delhi, 10th July. 
Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw addressed concerns raised by the Leader of Opposition (LoP), Rahul Gandhi, regarding the working conditions of loco pilots in a statement on X (formerly Twitter). Responding to what he termed as misinformation and theatrics aimed at demotivating railway personnel, Minister Vaishnaw assured transparency regarding the conditions and facilities provided to loco pilots.

“Loco pilots are integral to the railway family. There has been misinformation and undue criticism aimed at demotivating them,” the minister stated in his post. He highlighted that the duty hours of loco pilots are meticulously monitored, with adequate rest provided after trips. Notably, the average duty hours in June remained below 8 hours, adhering to prescribed standards, except under exceptional circumstances.

Minister Vaishnaw underscored improvements in loco cabs since 2014, emphasizing ergonomic seats and air conditioning in over 7,000 loco cabs, enhancing comfort and safety for operators.

Addressing the issue of off-duty resting facilities, he mentioned significant upgrades to running rooms across the railway network, with nearly all 558 running rooms now equipped with air conditioning and amenities like foot massagers.

Regarding recruitment, Minister Vaishnaw highlighted recent efforts that saw the hiring of 34,000 running staff, with an ongoing recruitment process for an additional 18,000 staff members. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to bolstering the railway workforce.

“The attempt to demoralize the railway family with fake news will fail. The entire ‘rail parivar’ is united in serving our country,” Minister Vaishnaw concluded, expressing solidarity within the railway community.

The statement comes amidst ongoing discussions on improving working conditions and facilities for railway personnel, reflecting the government’s proactive approach to addressing concerns raised by various stakeholders.

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