Dhruva Kumar Faces Unjust Attacks: Alba Party Stands Firm Against Sectarian Divides

GG News Bureau
Glasgow, Scotland, 11th June.
 In a shocking turn of events, Dhruva Kumar, the Alba Party candidate for Glasgow South, has come under fire unjustly from the Scottish Greens and The Times for his Hindu and Indian heritage. This attack has sparked a fierce response from Alba Party leaders and supporters, who accuse the Greens of attempting to import sectarian divides into the General Election campaign.

Rt Hon Alex Salmond, the leader of the Alba Party, Former First Minister of Scotland, known as Scottish Independence Hero, has been vocal in his support for Kumar. Salmond stated, “Mr. Dhruva Kumar has been a leading light in Alba Party’s wider equalities structures. He has campaigned with and offered support to our candidates, whether they are Muslim, African Scots, and all else who call Scotland home.”

In response, Alba Party chair, Scotland’s first female Muslim MP, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh denounced the Greens’ behaviour as “disgusting” and “truly appalling.” She emphasised that Kumar has been a significant figure in Alba’s equality efforts, supporting candidates from diverse backgrounds. Ahmed-Sheikh also pointed out that, unlike the Greens, Alba fields Scots Muslim candidates, underscoring the party’s commitment to inclusivity.

The controversy began when The National published a story accusing Kumar of making offensive comments in a social media post. The Scottish Greens seized on this report while Mr Kumar’s account was hacked, with their candidate for Glasgow South, Niall Christie, questioning Kumar’s support for the BJP and Narendra Modi, a party known for its controversial stance on Muslims.

Chris McEleny, the party’s general secretary and candidate in Inverclyde, condemned the Scottish Greens’ actions, highlighting their history of politicising religion. McEleny remarked, “For a party without a single prominent Muslim in its ranks, and as far as I am aware not a single Asian candidate, to make such an unprecedented attack on an Alba Party candidate of Indian heritage based on issues of religion and race shows you why the Greens should be as far away from Government in Scotland as possible.”

The Alba Party has taken action, reporting the Scottish Greens to the police for a potential breach of Scotland’s new Hate Crime Act. This move underscores the seriousness of the allegations and Alba’s commitment to protecting its candidates from racially and religiously motivated attacks.

The Alba Party is calling on voters to reject the divisive tactics of the Scottish Greens and stand with Dhruva Kumar. The party’s leaders believe that the attempts to stoke racial and religious divisions will be firmly rejected by the electorate.

Party leader Alex Salmond, we’re the only party which unambiguously believes in Independence and has a strategy to achieve it, Make your vote count for Independence on July 4th.

Join the call to #StopRacism and #StandWithDhruva #VoteAlba as we work towards a more inclusive and united Scotland.

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