Demanding removal of Justice Goel by political parties is complete idiocy


Congress and L.G.P. leader Paswans’ demand for ouster of Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel from Chief of National Green Tribunal for allegedly diluting the original provisions of S.C. and S.T. (Prevention of Atrocities) Act is open challenge to supremacy of Judiciary and major political challenge to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Paswan is issuing indirect threats of withdrawal of support from N.D.A. government.

Mr Modi it is very serious issue and it is time for you to show your 56 inch chest if you had any and call the bluff boldly ignoring the political consequences. Tomorrow there will be demand for removal of other Judge who was part of the judgment which allegedly had diluted provisions of the Act.

Of late political class cutting across party lines is feeling heat from judiciary and now they have joined hands to discredit the judiciary, only hope for justice despite delayed and costly justice. It is interesting to mention here, that Justice Goel is the author of historical judgment in Manesar Land acquisition of Haryana involving a top Congress leader and former Chief Minister, powerful builders and about dozen top IAS officers.

Million dollar question being asked is that where is the dilution in the Act? Arrest before preliminary probe is challenge to fundamental rights.

(By Pawan Kumar Bansal. He is a senior Journalist, Author who writes on politics and governance. Views expressed are personal)

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