Corona Havoc:  Death of 6 patients due to lack of oxygen at Kirti Hospital in Gurugram

GG News Bureau

Gurugram, 1st May. The oxygen crisis still persists in Delhi NCR as 6 patients died due to lack of oxygen at Kirti Hospital in Gurugram. These patients were undergoing treatment in the Kirti hospital when the oxygen stock was completely exhausted. Even after a lot of efforts oxygen was not available on time, due to which 6 patients died in the hospital.

Earlier, many patients died on Saturday at the Batra Hospital in Delhi due to lack of oxygen including a doctor. Batra Hospital informed the Delhi High Court that they were dealing with shortage of oxygen since morning which got over. Due to the lack of oxygen many people lost their lives, including their doctors.

Although, the oxygen tanker arrived later in the day but many people died till then. The Delhi High Court suggested hospitals to install an oxygen generator. Officials of Batra Hospital said that they were struggling with an oxygen crisis since 6 am today. There were 307 patients admitted to the hospital, out of which 230 were placed on oxygen support.

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