Champions Trophy: 1-1 Draw with Belgium India in 2nd position


In the champions trophy India settle score with Belgium with a 1-1 Draw. After taking an early lead with a superb penalty corner turned to goal by Harmanpreet Singh the Belgians in 59th minute of the game scored the late goal by Loick Luypaert.

India so far have defeated Pakistan with 4-0 and Olympic champion Argentina 2-1 and lost to Australia 2-3 in champions trophy. India is currently at 2 position and will face Netherland in upcoming match.


June 23, 2018

India 4-0 Pakistan

Netherlands 1-2 Argentina

Australia 3-3 Belgium

June 24, 2018

India 2-1 Argentina

Netherlands 6-1 Belgium

Australia 2-1 Pakistan

June 26, 2018

Argentina 1-1 Belgium

Netherlands 4-0 Pakistan

June 27, 2018

India 2-3 Australia

June 28, 2018

Argentina 1-4 Pakistan

India 1-1 Belgium

Netherlands 1-3 Australia

June 29, 2018

Belgium 4-2 Pakistan

June 30, 2018

Argentina vs Australia

Netherlands vs India

July 1, 2018

5th place vs 6th place (5/6 place classification)

3rd place vs 4th place (3/4 place classification)

1st place vs 2nd place (FINAL)

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