BJP’s Historic Comeback in Telangana: 2024 Lok Sabha Elections  

Paromita Das

GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 22 June. In a dramatic turn of events, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has scripted history in Telangana by securing a remarkable victory in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. This success comes on the heels of a disheartening performance in the 2023 Assembly elections, where the party managed to win only 8 out of 119 seats. The resurgence of the BJP in Telangana is a testament to strategic leadership, effective campaigning, and a focused approach to address the concerns of the electorate.

The Fall in 2023: A Precarious Position

During the 2023 elections, the party was on the verge of collapse. Out of the 119 Assembly seats, it only managed to win 8. An excessive number of nefarious events in late 2022 led to unanticipated leadership transitions in the state. The party was able to recover in the 2024 Lok Sabha, achieving an outstanding result, thanks to Mr. Kishan Reddy’s excellent leadership! The 2023 result could not be saved! The BJP won 8 seats and finished second out of 7 because of a combination of excellent candidate selection, early announcement of all candidates, and a fantastic campaign that fueled the Modi wave throughout the state!

The Congress party was hoping to secure 12–14 seats based on its triumph in the assembly polls six months prior. Nonetheless, the BJP’s tremendous comeback and unmet pledges combined to guarantee that they won eight seats.

However, the BRS’s damage is the second-biggest story. They had no victory. The party’s downward spiral from being the ruling party just six months prior to scoring nothing was probably expected given how it responded to the Assembly election defeat. The leadership failed to learn even a single lesson. KCR didn’t attend the Assembly at all because he was hurt in a fall at home, therefore his son and nephew handled all of the firefighting. KTR, the son of KCR, persisted in displaying the same unmatched haughtiness in his speeches and interactions that had caused the loss. When his daughter Kavitha was taken into custody in connection with the Delhi Liquor scandal, KCR didn’t even release a statement.

In the run-up to the 2023 elections, the BJP was expected to emerge as the second biggest party, but as the election approached, its momentum waned. It’s back in the same spot now.

Leadership Change: A Turning Point

The turning point for the BJP came with the appointment of Mr. Kishan Reddy as the state president. Known for his organizational skills and grassroots connect, Mr. Reddy undertook the herculean task of revitalizing the party from the ground up. His leadership style focused on inclusivity and mobilizing the party cadre across the state. The primary objective was to regain the trust of the electorate and build a robust campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Strategic Campaigning and Grassroots Mobilization

Under Mr. Reddy’s stewardship, the BJP implemented a multi-pronged strategy to rebuild its presence in Telangana. This included:

  1. Reconnecting with the Grassroots: Mr. Reddy spearheaded efforts to reconnect with the grassroots workers, ensuring that the party’s message resonated with the common people. Regular interactions and feedback sessions were held to understand the ground realities and address the concerns of the voters.
  2. Targeted Campaigns: The BJP launched targeted campaigns focusing on key issues such as development, employment, and welfare schemes. The party highlighted the central government’s initiatives and how they could benefit Telangana, creating a narrative that resonated with the electorate.
  3. Strengthening the Organizational Structure: Efforts were made to strengthen the party’s organizational structure at all levels. This involved appointing dedicated leaders for various regions, ensuring effective coordination and execution of the party’s plans.
  4. Harnessing Technology: The BJP effectively utilized technology and social media to reach out to a wider audience. Digital campaigns, virtual rallies, and interactive sessions became a cornerstone of the party’s outreach strategy.

The 2024 Lok Sabha Elections: A Stellar Performance

The hard work and strategic planning paid off as the BJP delivered a stellar performance in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The party’s candidates won several key constituencies, marking a significant improvement from the previous elections. The victory is not just a reflection of the BJP’s resilience but also an indication of the electorate’s faith in the party’s vision for Telangana.


The BJP’s remarkable comeback in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Telangana is a case study in political resilience and strategic leadership. From the depths of near-doldrums in the 2023 Assembly elections to scripting history in 2024, the journey has been challenging yet rewarding. Under the able leadership of Mr. Kishan Reddy, the party has demonstrated that with the right approach and unwavering determination, it is possible to turn the tide and achieve electoral success. This victory paves the way for a new chapter in Telangana’s political landscape, with the BJP poised to play a pivotal role in the state’s future development. Like the previous time, the national leadership should not allow this advantageous position to evaporate. Telangana has to replicate the Odisha situation by fostering the people’s faith in the BJP!


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