BJP Not North-Centric, Opponents Creating North-South Divide for Political Gain: Rajnath Singh


GG News Bureau
Visakhapatnam, 28th Feb. 
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh rebuffed claims that the BJP is solely a party of the north, asserting that such assertions are politically motivated and detrimental to national unity. Addressing an event on Tuesday, Singh highlighted the BJP’s presence across various states, including Karnataka in the south, refuting allegations of regional bias.

Singh emphasized the BJP’s longstanding presence in states like Rajasthan and Gujarat, spanning decades, and its significant electoral gains in western India. He underscored the party’s governance in Gujarat for nearly three decades and its substantial influence in Karnataka, where it has formed governments.

The Defence Minister criticized attempts to sow discord between north and south India for electoral advantage, stressing the need for unity and collaboration to address regional disparities.

Singh lauded India’s enhanced global standing under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, asserting the country’s readiness to defend its interests firmly on the international stage. He highlighted instances of India’s diplomatic successes, including securing clemency for Indian sailors abroad.

Dismissing allegations of communalism, Singh affirmed BJP’s commitment to secularism, citing international recognition of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. He criticized the Congress party, labeling it as the epitome of corruption, appeasement, and dynastic politics.

Singh delineated the BJP’s focus on long-term objectives, contrasting it with short-term policies of other parties. He outlined key economic measures undertaken by the Modi government, such as GST implementation and infrastructure development, aiming to bolster India’s long-term prosperity.

The Defence Minister concluded by highlighting India’s economic progress, citing a significant reduction in non-performing assets (NPAs) and the country’s ascent from the “fragile five” to the “fabulous five” category, signifying its economic resilience and growth trajectory.

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