BJP Calls I.N.D.I.A. Bloc Meeting a ‘Get Together’ of ‘Anti-Hindu Coordination Committee’


GG News Bureau

New Delhi, 13th Sept. The BJP blasted the INDIA bloc meeting on Wednesday as a “Anti-Hindu Coordination Committee” gathering, keeping the heat on the opposition on the Sanatan Dharma issue after DMK leaders’ scathing criticism of the ancient faith.

Sambit Patra, a BJP spokesperson, also launched a scathing attack on Congress leader Sonia Gandhi over the matter, stating that she had written “a book: Murder of Hinduism, She Wrote” along the lines of the famous suspense novel “Murder, She Wrote.”

He stated at a press conference that there is visible noncooperation among INDIA group members, pointing out that the agenda of the meeting states that opposition parties would negotiate seat-sharing agreements.

“They will discuss how to finish off the Hindu religion,” Patra alleged.

That is why Uddhav Thackeray claimed that a Godhra-like incident can happen again while Rahul Gandhi had in the past cited Islamic terror group Muslim Brotherhood to attack Hindutva, he said.

Citing Sonia Gandhi’s Christian name, Patra alleged that she has been behind the conspiracy to target Hinduism.

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