Bihar: 50 Govt Students Fall Ill After Consuming Mid-day Meal


GG News Bureau

Sitamarhi, 13th Sept. Around 50 students of a primary school in Bihar were hospitalised on Tuesday (September 12) after they fell ill after consuming their mid-day meal, an official said.

“Around 50 schoolchildren complained of stomach aches and vomiting after allegedly consuming a mid-day meal at a primary school in Dumra Block of Sitamarhi district on September 12,” the official said.

The children were referred to Sadar Hospital.

The condition of all the children is stable, an official said.

Dr Sudha Jha from the Sadar Hospital said, “They have complained that a chameleon was found in the mid-day meal. They had consumed the same food. All the children here are stable and symptom-free. We have kept them under observation. Everything is normal now. Their parents are with them. There is nothing to worry about.”

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